Science as a Process

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Intro to Biology

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Science as a Process
1 Scientific Method
1.1 control
1.1.1 positive control makes sure test is sensitive enough to detect change
1.1.2 negative control makes sure experiment is specific enough to detect only that change know it hypothetically shouldn't affect dependent variable
1.2 controlled variables
1.2.1 kept constant with ALL trials
1.2.2 everything except independent variable
1.3 hypothesis
1.3.1 observations inferences rationale
2 Biology as Science
2.1 metabolism - sum of all reactions in body
2.1.1 catabolic - breaking
2.1.2 anabolic - making
2.1.3 both.... endergonic ex. photosynthesis exergonic ex. cellular respiration
2.2 homeostasis
2.2.1 organism's ability to readjust to conditions which is necessary to live ex. glucose levels in blood ex. pH of gastric juice
2.3 structure/function relationships
2.3.1 surface area important to cell life diffusion organism's life ex. lumen ex. neurons

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