Chemistry of Life

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Unit 1: Chemistry of Life

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Chemistry of Life
1 Intro to Biochemistry
1.1 basic structure of atom
1.1.1 atomic number = # protons also # electrons when overall charge neutral
1.1.2 atomic mass = # protons + neutrons
1.2 matter - "stuff"
1.2.1 element - pure substances of earth ex. C, Al, O, N
1.2.2 atom - single unit of element ex. H+ is atom
1.2.3 compound - combination of elements ex. H2O
1.2.4 molecule - 2 or more atoms combined ex. O2, FeSCN
1.3 bonds
1.3.1 covalent - share electrons polar covalent one electronegative element + less electronegative element gives more e- element slightly negative charge gives less e- element slightly positive charge ex. O-H, C-O nonpolar covalent equal distribution of electrons ex. C-C, C-H single - one pair e-s double - two pair e-s triple - three pair e-s ex. C-=C ex. O=O ex. H-H
1.4 reactions
1.4.1 endergonic - PEi < PEf
1.4.2 PEi > PEf
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