Typewriter 4th

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Typewriter 4th
  1. It was a speedy alternative for handwriting
    1. first name was typographer.
      1. Took 75 attempts
      2. many trials between the years 1864
        1. Letters use to be in abc order, but then changed it so that most used letters were not next to each other so they wouldn't get in each others way and to avoid cofusion
      3. What it does: An easier way of writing
        1. Presses ink to paper and stamps the letter on the paper
          1. What does it produce: More neat forms of paper and writings.
            1. General Effects: Made it easier and faster for people to write things. Revolutionalized businesses
              1. Helped speed up communication
                1. Easier to understand sloppy handwriting as well.
                2. Economically: Minimized expense on docs to be created for businesses
                  1. politically: Made docs easier to make and the money made. Also,first president to use a typewriter was ruthfordd b. hayes.
                    1. Socially: Everyone wanted it and it started the end of people wanting to make things, Could type rapidly and still look neat.
            2. Date:1867
              1. Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
              2. Inventor/s: Christopher sholes- He invented the first practical or functional typewriter
                1. Inventor/s: Carlos Glidden,Samuel W. Soule - helped create the idea
                  1. William Austin Burt- recieved a patent for an idea close to the typewriter in 1829.
                2. Essiential questions: Without the type writer, would we have all the technology we have today?
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