Retail Technology

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This mind map expresses how traditional and modern uses of technology can be used in a pop up store environment to create a unique memorable experience

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Retail Technology
1 pop up store
1.1 Boxpark
1.1.1 Shoreditch, London creative capital
1.1.2 British street scene Roger Wade (founder) interview streetwear brands Charhartt adidas Box Fresh size? for women brand awareness concept store female engagement gallery nights product launches one year trial
1.1.3 world's 1st pop up mall recycled ship containers urban
1.1.4 independent retailers large retailers
1.2 concept
1.2.1 instant cost efficient felxible unique opporunitiy
1.2.2 events / PR fashion shows community culture
2 Ibeacons
2.1 tailored direct messaging
2.1.1 push notifications
2.2 track shopper habits
2.3 bluetooth
2.4 location based promotions
3 traditional marketing
3.1 drinks / food
3.1.1 magazines
3.1.2 music vinal user to select tracks vintage culture
3.2 in store experience
3.2.1 Technology unique expereince interactive window display consistent across online change weekly / daily smart shelving smart mirrors Burberry personal scanners customer engagement boost sales
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