Understanding Information and e-Business

Ruth Wong
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Ruth Wong
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Degree Business Mind Map on Understanding Information and e-Business, created by Ruth Wong on 03/23/2016.

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Understanding Information and e-Business
  1. Information
    1. More information less risk
      1. Management Information System
        1. Storing Data
          1. Updating Data
            1. Processing Data
              1. Presenting information
            2. Improving Productivity with the Help of Computers and Technology
              1. Decision Making
                1. Decision support system (DSS)
                  1. Executive information system (EIS)
                    1. expert system
                    2. employees communication
                      1. Email
                        1. Groupware
                          1. Collaborative learning system
                          2. Assisting the firm’s sales force
                            1. Customer-relationship management programs
                              1. Sales force automation programs
                              2. Training employees
                                1. Recruiting employees
                                  1. Virtual Offices
                                    1. Benefits
                                      1. Higher job satisfaction and increased productivity Greater independence and flexible work hours No commuting saves costs and time Lower employee turnover New employment opportunities for people who can’t/won’t commute
                                      2. Challenges
                                        1. Feelings of isolation/exploitation Working too many hours Lack of support from managers Inability to access needed information
                                      3. Business Applications Software
                                        1. Computer Backup and Disaster Recovery
                                        2. Using Computers and the Internet to Obtain Information
                                          1. Information society
                                            1. The Internet and Networks
                                              1. Internet
                                                1. World Wide Web (the Web)
                                                  1. Broadband technology
                                                  2. Network
                                                    1. Wide-area network (WAN)
                                                      1. Local-area network (LAN)
                                                    2. Accessing the Internet
                                                      1. Create Websites
                                                      2. e-Business
                                                        1. Sastisfying need online
                                                          1. Business model
                                                            1. Business-to-Business (B2B) model
                                                              1. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model
                                                              2. Profit
                                                                1. Reducing expenses
                                                                  1. Revenue stream
                                                                    1. Sales of merchandise online
                                                                      1. Advertising on web pages
                                                                        1. Intelligent information systems to suggest purchases to repeat online customers
                                                                          1. Increased sales in physical stores because of product information available online
                                                                            1. Subscription fees charged for access to online services and content
                                                                        2. Future of Computer Technology, the Internet, and e-Business
                                                                          1. Ethical and Legal Concerns
                                                                            1. Internet Crime
                                                                              1. Ethics and Social Responsibility
                                                                              2. Internal, more controllable by management
                                                                                1. Green IT
                                                                                  1. External: less controllable or not at all: globalization, economy, competition, politics
                                                                                    1. Internet Growth Potential
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