Unit 1.1 Mind Map

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All about cells: -Animal cells -Plant cells -Fungi cells

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Unit 1.1 Mind Map
  1. Animal Cells
    1. Organelles:
      1. Mitochondria
        1. -Powerhouses of the cell , which release energy from food.
        2. Ribosomes
          1. -Microscopic factories that produce the proteins used by the body for growth and repair.
          2. Lysosomes
            1. -The garbage disposal units that get rid of wastes from the cell.
            2. Endoplasmic reticulum
              1. -Pathways that allow materials to move quickly and easily through the cell.
              2. Cell membrane
                1. The 'skin' that holds the cell together.
                2. Vacuole
                  1. Small holes that contain wastes or chemicals.
                3. Nucleus
                  1. -The control centre of the cell.
                  2. Cytoplasm
                    1. A watery, jelly-like mixture where the work of cells take place.
                  3. Plant Cells
                    1. Vacuole
                      1. Sap-filled part that stores water, wastes and nutrients.
                      2. Cell wall
                        1. Skeleton of a plant.
                        2. Chloroplast
                          1. The part where photosynthesis takes place.
                        3. Fungal Cells
                          1. Nucleus
                            1. Vacuole
                              1. Cell wall
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