Porphyrias Lover

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Porphyrias Lover
1 Porphyrias lover
1.1 Written by Robert Browning and published in 1836
1.1.1 The poem is a dramatic Monolouge and the poem talks a unique look at the nature of love and effect on people. and also explores the dangers of obsessive love. his skillful use of word choice and vivid imagery throughout the monolouge encourages the reader to consider some of the darker consequences of obsessive love.
2 Interpretation 1
2.1 He killed her to preserve the memory of a perfect love thst he cannot replicate and therfore seals the moment forever by murdering her while she still loves him to most.this is shown when its written''at last i knew Porphyria worshiped me as this is the moment when he realises that his love cannot be stronger and is the perfect moment.
3 The word Porphyria is derived from the Greek word Porphyrus which means PURPLE
3.1 From the historical background of this word it suggests that he was trying to give her a noble name as Purple has associations with royalty
3.1.1 He looks up to her She is also higher in society as she has to keep her relationship a secret she is dominating him - contrasting the patriarchal system ''to night'' very secretive. ''Murmuring''very quiet show how their relationship could be a secret and the amount of punctuation in the poem supports this. Also another - more perceptive quote to support this would be the fact that she owns a ''cloakand shawl'' ''hat'' and ''gloves'' these garments might imply that she is of a higher status than the speaker role reversal between them overcoming societies constraints. ''dissever'' reinforces this
4 Robert Browning uses the weather to express the inner torment he is feeling.
5 Form and Structure
5.1 The poem follows a regular meter of iambic tentameter making it clear to the reader that he does not want to reflect his madness
5.1.1 Therefore the reader wittnisses the speakers growing obsession throughout the poem.
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