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Elizabeth Bishop


Leaving Certificate English Mind Map on Elizabeth Bishop, created by Éimear Buggy on 03/27/2016.
Éimear Buggy
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Éimear Buggy
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Elizabeth Bishop
  1. Troubled upbringing, lack of father and positive mother figure, feeling of isolation, mind in turmoil. Extraordinary Observer
    1. The Fish
      1. I caught a tremendous fish
        1. adjective adds interest/excitement. Immense. Dramatic
        2. grunting weight, battered and venerable and homely.
          1. Vivid imagery, worthy of reverence?
          2. its pattern of darker brown was like wallpaper: shapes like full-blown roses
            1. Simile. Flower Imagery. Observation, descriptive
            2. his gills were breathing in the terrible oxygen
              1. unease, seed of doubt in the captors's mind
              2. The fish intrigues, fascinates and frightens the poet as she learns more about the fish and about herself
                1. the pink swim-bladder like a big peony.
                  1. Floral imagery. startling and beautiful image
                  2. his eyes which were far larger than mine
                    1. not returning the poet's stare=independence, dignity, vulnerability?
                    2. grim, wet, and weaponlike, hung five old pieces of fish-line
                      1. victory medals? beard of wisdom?
                        1. Like medals with their ribbons frayed and wavering, a five-haired beard of wisdom trailing from his aching jaw.
                        2. until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go.
                          1. epiphany/ revelation moment. heightened awareness and insight allows the poet to imagine the fish's pain and she opts to let him go out of respect
                        3. The Prodigal
                          1. Bishop sees herself in the Prodigal son as described in the gospel story
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