Diversity & Variation Key Words

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Key words and phrases mind-map of the topic Diversity and Variation for the new specification. Make sure you know what all of them mean! Some of them are repeated - that's deliberate! - so you can see the links between topics. In particular, notice the inclusion of features of DNA.

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Diversity & Variation Key Words
1 Gene Mutation
1.1 Base Addition
1.2 Base Substitution
1.2.1 Silent Mutation
1.3 Base Deletion
1.4 Non-sense Mutation
1.5 Mis-sense Mutation
1.6 Mutagenic Agents
1.7 Meiosis
1.7.1 Gametes Haploid
1.7.2 Independent Assortment
1.7.3 Crossing Over Non-sister Chromatids Tetrad Chiasma
2 Features of DNA
2.1 Degenerate
2.2 Codons/Triplet Code
2.2.1 Stop Codons
2.3 2 Complementary Strands
2.3.1 Hydrogen Bonds
3 Genetic Diversity
3.1 Genetic Variation
3.1.1 Random Fertilisation
3.1.2 Environmental Factors
3.1.3 Gene Mutation Alleles Gene Pool Characteristics
3.1.4 Chromosome Mutation
3.2 Bottleneck Effect
3.3 Founder Effect
3.4 Selective Breeding/Artificial Selection
4 Natural Selection
4.1 Charles Darwin
4.1.1 Survival of the Fittest
4.1.2 Speciation Isolation Variation Selection Speciation
4.2 Behavioural Adaptations
4.3 Physiological Adaptations
4.4 Anatomical Adaptations
4.5 Directional Selection
4.6 Stabilising Selection
4.7 Ecological Niche
5 Classification
5.1 Ecological Niche
5.2 Phylogeny
5.2.1 Hierachy
5.3 Taxonomy
5.3.1 Kingdom Plantae Mycota Animalia Prokaryotae Protoctista
5.3.2 Phylum
5.3.3 Class
5.3.4 Order
5.3.5 Family
5.3.6 Genus
5.3.7 Species
5.3.8 King Prawns Can Overtake Five Giant Squid
5.4 Species
5.4.1 Fertile Offspring
5.4.2 Gene Pool
5.4.3 Characteristics
5.5 Artificial Classification
5.5.1 Analogous Characteristics
5.6 Natural Classification
5.6.1 Hierachy
5.7 Homologous Characteristics
5.8 Classification using Biological Molecules
5.8.1 DNA Hybridisation Radioactive Fluorescent Marker Hybrid Strands Hydrogen Bonds Complementary Sequence of Bases
5.8.2 Comparing Proteins Amino Acid Sequence Comparison Immunological Comparison Antibodies Blood Serum Precipitate
6 Courtship Behaviour
6.1 Recognition of same species
6.2 Pair Bond
6.3 Identification of fertile mate
6.4 Synchronisation of mating
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