Dubbing process

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Th e process of dubbing. How to do it and what steps we need for that

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Dubbing process
1 involves some basic steps
1.1 1. translate the script
1.1.1 2. adapt to sound natural 3. fit in with the lip movements of the actors on screen 4. translated script is recorded by actors 5. it's mixed into the original recording
2 is a process which entails the replacement of the original speech by voice track which attempts to follow as closely as possible the timing, phrasing and lip-movement of the original dialogue
3 Long time ago, there was dubbing translator who provided a literal translation of the script. Dubbing assistant divided the film track into 'takes' and mark them.
4 Nowadays replaced that traditional approach. Actors have more freedom during recording process. Dubbing assistant no longer needed. Each actor records their part on their own. 'Takes' are separated by specific software.
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