Exam Questions and Answers for June Paper 2011

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Exam Questions and Answers for June Paper 2011
1 Paper June 2011
1.1 Question 11 A family access the internet using a network
1.1.1 E) The parents are worried about the possible health hazards associated with using the computer for long periods of time. Describe these health hazards and how they could be reduced (8 Marks, 4 Hazards with a matching prevention) RSI- Repetitive strain injury Regular exercising of body's joints Eye Strain Take regular breaks from working at a computer Back Ache Use an adjustable chair Wrist strain Use a wrist support when using the computer
1.1.2 D) The family shop online. Give two advantages of shopping online (2 marks, only 2 points needed) Large range of goods available for purchase online Price comparison sites, that can save you money Goods are delivered to your door
1.1.3 C) Give two reasons why the children should not share personal details with the people they meet on the internet (2 marks, 2 points needed) You do not know for sure who is on the other side of the screen, they may not be who they say they are They could share the details you give them with other people, making it dangerous
1.1.4 B) Give one way parents can protect their children from unsuitable sites (1 mark, only one point needed) They can add a child lock, this means a password needs to be entered for the website to be shown.
1.1.5 A) Give one way the family could prevent unauthorised access to their network (1 mark, only 1 point needed) They can add a password to their computer so only the people who know the password can access the network
1.2 Question 10 Mary is a supporter of the local theatre and wants to but tickets online from home
1.2.1 A) Tick 3 of the items of data shown below which mary would have to supply when buying tickets (3 marks, one per tick) 1, 4, 6
1.2.2 B) Describe one advantage of using an online booking system to the theatre and one advantage to Mary (2 marks, one for each advantage) Advantage to Mary- Convenient and can be done anytime Advantage to Theatre- Attracts customers who are not so local
1.3 Question 9 David Brown uses an online car insurance site to obtain a quote. When entering his details, two messages pop up as shown below
1.3.1 a) i) Tick to show whether the following are examples of verification or validation (2 marks, one per tick) Confirm email must match email- Verification (Double entry of data) Must be a real date- Validation (range check)
1.3.2 a) ii) Describe in detail the technique used to identify the error in the date of birth field (2 marks, 2 points needed) Range check, This checks the data is in the correct range, in this case 1-31 for the days in a month.
1.3.3 B) David receives his insurance quote by email. State one advantage and one disadvantage of using email to send out quotes (2 marks, one for each statement) Advantage- can keep a copy of records, no chance of it getting lost in the post Disadvantage: Could be hacked and his details may be received by somebody else
1.4 Question 8- Online tutorials use ICT to help students to learn about a subject or topic
1.4.1 A) Learning games are one feature of online tutorials. Name two other features found in online tutorials ( 2 marks, one for each answer) Images Sound
1.4.2 B) VLE's are used in schools and colleges i) What does VLE stand for (1 mark all 3 words needed) Virtual Learning Environment ii) One use of a VLE is to allow teachers to set homework.. Describe two other ways students or teachers can make use of the VLE (2 marks, one for each answer) to access resources and learning material A place to store work that teachers may also access and check
1.5 Question 7) A library has an environmental monitoring system. Two different sensors are used to measure temperature and humidity. If a sensor detects that the value measured is too high it sends a 1 to the computer, otherwise it sends a 0. Complete the following table by describing the conditions in the library when the following data is received from the sensors. ( 3 marks, one for each description)
1.5.1 0,0- The temperature and Humidity is at a suitable reading 1,0 the temperature is too high 1,1 The humidity and the temperature are too high
1.6 Question 6)Computers are used for weather forecasting
1.6.1 a) One method of displaying weather information is in a graph. Give two other different ways of displaying weather information on a computer. (2 marks, one for each way) table text
1.6.2 b) Other than the variety of ways to display the data, give two advantages of computer based weather forecasting systems. (2 marks, one for each advantage) Easy to read and interpret Can be updated frequently
1.7 Question 5) A local garage keeps details of all cars for sale in a computer database, part of which is shown below.
1.7.1 a) How many records are shown in this database (1 mark, number answer) 8
1.7.2 b)How many cars would be found by the following search: Colour= RED (1 mark, number answer) 2
1.7.3 c) The Fuel field contains the letter D or P. Describe one benefit of entering data in this way (1 mark, one point needed) Takes up less storage space
1.7.4 d) A customer wants to know if there are any ‘GREY SALOON’ cars in stock. Complete the table below to show how the garage can obtain this information from the database. ( 2 marks, one per search) Type=SALOON Colour=RED
1.8 Question 4) A teacher has created a spreadsheet to help him to arrange a trip for pupils. Part of the spreadsheet is shown below.
1.8.1 a) State the data in cell D3 (1 mark, data in cell) 50
1.8.2 b)Give the least number of pupils who need to go on the trip to avoid making a loss. (1 mark, only a number required) 15
1.8.3 c) Which of the following formulas could be used to give the Total Cost in cell E3? (1 mark, for one letter) A =B3+C3+D3 B =SUM(B3:D3) C =SUM(B3-D3) D =AVG(B3:D3) B
1.8.4 d) Give a suitable formula for working out the Profit/Loss in cell G4. (1 mark, for the formula) =(E4-F4)
1.8.5 e) Give two specific advantages of using a spreadsheet to work out the Profit/Loss. (2 marks, one for each advantage) Only have to input the formula once (can drag down to fill in the rest of the column) Can be updated if numbers change
1.9 Question 3) The mobile phones shown below have certain features, some of which are shown in the tables.
1.9.1 a) i) Give one advantage of the camera with 10 megapixels (phone A) over the camera with 5 megapixels (phone B). (1 mark, for the one advantage) Do not need a separate camera
1.9.2 a) ii) Give one disadvantage of the camera with 10 megapixels (phone A) over the camera with 5 megapixels (phone B). (1 mark for the one disadvantage) The photos take up more storage space as they are bigger files
1.9.3 b) State one feature of these phones which will allow access to the internet. (1 mark for identification) Wifi
1.9.4 c) Many mobile phones have geographical information systems (GIS) linked to satellite navigation systems as one of their features. Explain two benefits to the user of GIS on the mobile phone. (2 marks, one for each benefit) Calculates smallest route Can be warned about traffic and will update as you move
1.9.5 d) Briefly describe how the phone user can make use of Bluetooth connectivity. (1 mark for explanation) Completely automatic
1.10 Question 2) Tick (√) the correct box to show which of these items is data, information or knowledge. (3marks, one for each answer)
1.10.1 Data (1) Information (5) Knowledge (9)
1.11 Question 1) A school is designing a poster to advertise a sponsored walk. The draft poster is shown below.
1.11.1 The draft is improved and the new poster is shown below. a) From the list below, tick four features of Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software used on this new poster. (4 marks, one for each tick) Clip art (2) Border Art (3) Centre text (5) Underline (6) b) i) Tick the feature of DTP software that could be used to find a similar meaning for a word.( 1 mark, for one tick) Thesaurus b) ii) Name the feature of DTP software that could be used to detect spelling errors.(1 mark, simple answer) Spell check
1.11.2 c) Other than DTP state two types of software that could be used by the school in organising the sponsored walk. Give an example of how each could be used. (4 marks, one for each type and one for each example of use) Spreadsheet can be used to record the date of the walkers Database Can be used to keep track of the money sponsored