Warsaw Pact and Nato

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Warsaw Pact and Nato
1 Warsaw Pact What was it?
1.1 May 14th, 1955 USSR and the Eastern European States sign the Warsaw Pact which stated that the countries would consult each other on matters of mutual interest and give all necessary assistance in an attack on anyone oof them.
1.1.1 Why have it? It was used for political reasons to counter the entry of the FRG into NATO. Any exceptions? It would be nullified if a 'General treaty of Collective Security' was signed.
2 NATO-What was it?
2.1 The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
2.1.1 What did it do? Safeguard Western Europe by saying that if one country was attacked then the others should take the action that they see necessary.
2.1.2 Importance? Very as it gave the Western allies security that when one was attacked they would have the support of many others to help them.
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