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1 Proteins
1.1 Monomer is 20 amino acid
1.2 Two types
1.2.1 Fibrous Proteins Supporting & Structural Functions Repetitive sequence of amino acid Stable Structure & Physically Tough Forms long sheets of fibers Due to long parallel chains cross-linked at many points Found in many parts Keratin Hair Feather Nails Horn Collagen Tendons Connective Tissue Bone Matrix Myosin Muscle Fibers Silk Spider's web Secondary structure most important
1.2.2 Globular Proteins Performs metabolic functions as Organic catalysts or Enzymes Tertiary structure most important Irregular sequence of amino acid Highly specific & never varies Polypeptide chains are tightly folded Held in configurations by H bonds and other cohesive forces Forms spherical molecules Relative unstable structure Can be denatured by heat, change in pH etc. Relatively soluble, readily forms colloidal suspension Polypeptide Chains are folded such that surface of enzyme have depressions Specific sites into which other molecules fit in Examples Enzymes Antibodies Hormones Haemoglobin
1.3 4 levels of protein structure
1.3.1 Primary Peptide Linkage H at Carbonyl end w/ OH at Amino end
1.3.2 Secondary H-Bonds B/w 1st & 5th Peptide Linkage Leads to folding of polypeptide chains Alpha Helix Beta pleated sheets
1.3.3 Tertiary
1.3.4 Quaternary
2 Lipids
3 Carbohydrates

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