Themes in Kindertransport

Megan Bakewell
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Megan Bakewell
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Mind Map on Themes in Kindertransport, created by Megan Bakewell on 01/23/2014.

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Themes in Kindertransport
  1. Identity
    1. Eva/Evelyn
      1. Turning Point
        1. How does that effect other family
      2. Culture
        1. German
          1. Jewish
            1. British
              1. British Stiff Upper Lip
              2. Crockery and Tea
              3. Family
                1. Relationships
                  1. Mother/Daughter
                    1. Children Leaving
                      1. Growing Up
                        1. Kindertransport
                          1. War & Germans
                      2. Long Time/Distance
                        1. Foster Family
                    2. Binary Opposites
                      1. Nature vs Nurture
                        1. Openess vs Closeness
                          1. Helga/Eva vs Evelyn/Faither
                          2. Fear vs Reality
                            1. Resolution vs Closure
                              1. Shame vs Pride
                                1. Survivors Guilt
                                2. Real vs Distorted Memories
                                  1. What is real? What has been distorted over the past
                                  2. Order vs Chaos
                                  3. Fear
                                    1. RatCatcher
                                      1. Who is he?
                                        1. What is fear?
                                          1. Males
                                            1. Shadow
                                              1. Link to Eva in Germany
                                                1. Helga vs Ratcatcher
                                              2. Evelyns need to control
                                                1. uncontrollable memories
                                                  1. Setted Crockery
                                                    1. can't cpntrol her past
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