History revision: HItler's rise to power

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Everything on Hitler

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History revision: HItler's rise to power
1 Hitler
1.1 Hitler's roles: was apart of the Munich Putsch, he was an artist, tramp, political spy, soldier war hero (won iron cross), and was a choir boy.
1.2 Hitler had a lenient prison sentence because everyone at the time agreed, and was impressed with his biased views and opinions + the judge was right winged too and also agreed.
1.2.1 (The Munich Putsch 1923) Hitler tried to invade the south west (Bavaria), but was imprisoned when he realised he was unable use violence in order to gain power, and had to be political instead.
1.2.2 (what happened) Hitler went to a local meeting in a beer hall, with his colleagues and placed guns on the main leaders such as general Ludendorff and declared he wanted to be in in power, his request was refused, but Hitler announced he was in political power anyway this increased his followers up to 10,000 (success) Hitler was able to get others to agree with him, gained 10,00 followers, gained support from general Ludendorff, he used his trial as a national platform and wrote his book (Mein Kampf) in prison (Failure) The Bavarian government failed to support Hitler's Putsch movement. The army supported the Weimar government in Berlin. 16 Nazi's, and 3 police men killed, an others were arrested and put on trial as well as Hitler.
1.3 Hitler's sentence was for 5 years but was only imprisoned for 9 months. Hitler found he was unable to achieve power through violence through constitutional (governing policy) means. Imprisoned I Lansburg castle.
1.4 Hitler was put into power of chancellor, by president Hindenburg.
1.4.1 (Temporary triangle) The message of the source is that Hin
1.5 Exam questions
1.5.1 Source Hitler was a traditionalist so he was dressed in Greek clothing
1.5.2 Which was better for Hitler to consolidate in the enabling act or in emergency powers Enter text here
1.5.3 How have the Nazis changed tactics between 1924-29 Hitler gave more speeches and promoted propaganda The Nazis used less violence to get power
2 The Nazi party
2.1 The original name of the Nazi party was the national socialist party, but they used their nick name 'Nazi party' as people already called them this

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