The Roaring 20s

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History, The USA 1919-41 revision map

Ben Robinson
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The Roaring 20s
1 Huge economic growth
1.1 Consumerism
1.1.1 American goods Tariffs on foreign goods
2 Low inflation, Low unemployment, Low interest
2.1 Production lines, Booming industry and as secure economy
2.1.1 Consumerism
3 Skyscrapers and Roads
4 Consumer Boom
4.1 Fridges, Radios, Phones
4.2 Affordable
5 Advertising
5.1 Encouraged spending
6 Hire Purchase
6.1 Made cars and luxury goods affordable
6.2 Paying in installments
6.3 On credit
7 Industry boomed
7.1 Motor Car
7.1.1 Increased steel, petrol, chemical, glass and rubber industries
7.2 Electric Power
7.3 Chemicals Industry
8 Stock Market Boomed
8.1 1.5million Americans bought shares
8.2 Before 1928, people were investing in a real boom
8.2.1 (Production and Consumption)
9 1 in 12 workers worked in the motor industry
9.1 Ford Model T sold for $300
9.2 Assembly line
9.2.1 One job for a certain person, the car moved along the assembly line

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