MyPhD Research

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The breakdown task to complete MyPhD research

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MyPhD Research
1 Introduction
1.1 Write Background of the problem
1.2 Write the problem statement
1.3 Write significant of the study
1.4 Write the Scope of the study
1.5 Write the research objective
1.6 What is the research question
2 Literature Review
2.1 Research gap
2.1.1 Read 2 Journals everyday New local brand New beauty care brand Review article focus on topic
2.1.2 Do Research Summary everyday
2.1.3 Identify research gap through the research summary Reflect why this my exist Why this topic is important
2.1.4 Identify trend and pattern Make note of trend and pattern overtime as reported in the literature
2.2 Purchase intention
2.2.1 Its belongs to which theory
2.2.2 What is Purchase intention
2.2.3 What influence purchase intention
2.2.4 Why its important
2.2.5 Look the deference way key term are defined
2.2.6 Note key statistic
2.2.7 Evaluate what has been read
2.2.8 Note emphases strength & weekness
2.2.9 Critics the RM used in the LR
2.2.10 identify relation ship among study address this relationship and different category during writing
2.3 Provide overview
2.4 analyzing
2.5 Synthesizing
2.6 evaluate review article
3 Methodology
4 Result & Discussion
5 Conclusion
6 PhD proposal defence
6.1 prepare power point
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