Sparta was a more advanced city state than Athens

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details and elaboration that supports the claim

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Sparta was a more advanced city state than Athens
1 "We want our children to learn how to take care of themselves. As soldiers will sometimes have to do risky or dangerous things."
1.1 This shows taht Spartans think ahead of time and train their children to start preparing for wars and battles.
2 "She told him that she prayed for the day when he returned alive. But if the god deemed otherwise,and he died in a battle, she wanted him to be carried back on his shield as proof that he died propecting Sparta
2.1 This shows that parents do wish for their child to live but they are prepared if he dies. They won't complain and stop him from going to the war, they would be proud if he died.
2.1.1 By: Natalie Teng and Shirely Wong
3 "If they are caught staling, they would be whipped. This boy will become a better soldier because of his whipping today."
3.1 This shows how Sparta made children to not repeat mistakes and use their mistakes to mold him onto a good soldier.

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