How to write a PEE paragraph

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Created by plusterianne over 5 years ago
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How to write a PEE paragraph
1 1. Put extract into context- what it happening?
2 2. Short snappy quotations.
3 3. Start with the beginning of the extract (keep it in order)
4 4. Put the quote into a sequence (Embed the quote)
5 5. Use at least 5 quotes from across the extract and explain them fully.
6 6. [ : ] <-- Use before every quote.
7 7. Use the words 'Speak, Behave and Audiences Feelings' throughout your answer.
8 8. Meaning, personal response, word focus (Meaning more detail one words), Link to the play.
9 9. Make sure the last thing you say is at the end of the extract.
10 D- Retell the play & events. C- Start to understand the less obvious meaning. B- Offer different meanings from one part of quote.

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