our legal system by joseph demers

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our legal system by joseph demers
1 criminal law
1.1 feliny
1.1.1 kidnaping
1.1.2 robery
1.1.3 rape
1.1.4 armed robery
1.1.5 merder
1.1.6 seris crime punishable by more then one year
1.2 mistimener
1.2.1 poseshin of norcotics
1.2.2 under aged drinking
1.2.3 poblic intocsicashon
1.2.4 shoplifting
1.2.5 public nudity
2 civil law
2.1 destrucshon of property
2.2 you can sue for damiges more then 20$
3 costitushinal law
3.1 definishon- Constitutional law is the body of law which defines the relationship of different entities within a state, namely, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.
4 famus suprem cort case
4.1 gidene v. washington
4.1.1 provides evryone with a lawer even if they can not afored one
4.1.2 Plessy v. Ferguson established seprit but equle
4.2 brown v. board of education
4.2.1 mackse segrigated schools elegal
4.3 mapp v. ohio
4.3.1 astablishis thet if evedens s elegaly abtande thne it can not be used in a cort tril
4.4 maranda rights comes from this case
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