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azul letra morada reciclaga

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  1. recycle is a proses that the items are reused
    1. their are divited in colors blue , green and grey
      1. blue
        1. plastics
          1. botles , lids , plastic bags, etc .
        2. grey
          1. paper
            1. Magazines , old noteboocks , cardboard , etc.
          2. green
            1. organics
              1. Rinds of fruit and vegetable
          3. we use it for reduce the contaminaton in the world
            1. the three r
              1. we are contaminating if we continue this way
                1. we are goin to kill the earth
                      1. the world is going to see like this
                  1. the prosses of recicle is divided into three parts paper, plastics and organics
                    1. there are two ways
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