Our Legal System

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Chapter 15 &16

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Our Legal System
1 Criminal Law
1.1 Misdemeanors
1.1.1 less serious crimes that are punishable with less than 1 year in prison
1.1.2 examples larceny(shoplifting)
1.2 Felonies
1.2.1 examples homicide aka murder robbery Burglary aka breaking and entering
1.3 Steps in criminal cases
1.3.1 1)police investigation 2)Arrest 3)Booking 4)Preliminary Hearing 5)Arraignment 6)Trial 7)Verdict 8)Sentencing defendant found guilty . Judge sentences defendant commute- to reduce a criminal's sentence decision made by the judge hung jury- cannot agree on a verdict Prosecution and defense present cases to jury Plea Bargaining- suspect pleas guilty to al lesser charge for a lighter sentence Defendant pleads guilty or not guilty Suspect appears before a judge. Bail is set bail- money paid to the court by an accused person to guarantee that he/she will appear in court for trial police arrest and book a suspect
1.3.2 Exclusionary rule prohibits the use of illegally obtained evidence in a criminal trial
2 Civil Law
2.1 cases that involve a plaintiff suing another person for damages
2.1.1 Plaintiff the person filing the lawsuit Lawsuit a legal action whereby a person or group sues to collect damages for some harm that is done steps in a civil court case Plaintiff's attorney files a complaint Court send a summons to defendant Defendant's attorney files a written answer Attorneys for both sides exchange pleadings documents Attorneys for plaintiff and defendant argue cases in court Court gives verdict
2.1.2 Defendant is the person being sued
3 Constitutional Law
3.1 Administrative Law
3.1.1 US Federal Court System District Courts Feral Courts US Court of Appeals US Supreme Court Concurring Opinion- votes with the majority but for different reasons Dissenting Opinion- disagrees with the majority's decision Majority Opinion-majority decision Supreme court justices- 9
3.1.2 North Carolina State Court System District Courts Superior Courts Court of Appeals NC Supreme Court Docket- Court Calendar
3.2 cases over Constitutional Issues
3.2.1 Gideon vs. Wainwright Established right to a lawyer for everyone sixth amendment guarantees right to a lawyer, Right to trial by jury
3.2.2 Miranda v. Arizona Miranda Rights Examples right to remain silent have a lawyer present during police questioning Ernesto Miranda was not given his rights
3.2.3 Mapp v. Ohio Protection from illegal search 4th amendment
3.2.4 Gregg v. Georgia Capital Punishment aka death penalty examples death by firing squad death by electric chair death by lethal injections 8th amendment outlaws "cruel and unusual punishment
3.2.5 Furman v. Georgia 1972 suspended the use of the death penalty
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