FINAL ANALYSIS-Still I Rise-Maya Angelou-Natalie Bilal, Amy Colquist, Emily Eng, Sanjana Kowshik

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FINAL ANALYSIS-Still I Rise-Maya Angelou-Natalie Bilal, Amy Colquist, Emily Eng, Sanjana Kowshik
1 Theme
1.1 you can beat someone down as hard as you can but they can still rise
1.2 nothing stays the same forever
1.3 it takes time, perseverance, and hard work to get what you want
1.4 Strength is to keep trying and hold your head high despite what people think or do.
1.5 hopefulness allows time to take the lead and make change
1.6 Don's allow others to silence you/ make yourself heard
1.7 overcoming oppresion
1.8 endurance, determination, strength
1.9 overcoming the past and conquering the future
2 Autobiographical Elements
2.1 Incorporates racial background
2.1.1 About African American oppression, which Maya Angelou personally experienced in her life
2.1.2 historical references
2.1.3 slavery
2.2 Incorporates personal traits
2.2.1 used for basis of inspiration
2.3 Incorporates her own experiences/ stories into her writing
2.3.1 Poem is about her struggle, and also how she becomes strong again Maya Angelou stopped speaking (struggle). Started talking again after discovering new literature/love for reading (strength).
3 Writing Style
3.1 Narrator
3.1.1 1st person
3.1.2 uses similes and comparisons
3.1.3 talking directly to someone/the reader addressing white oppressors of African Americans shows negative view towards them
3.1.4 social commentary about racism
3.1.5 written from the perspective of an African American woman
3.1.6 asks questions
3.2 Figurative Language
3.2.1 Metaphors
3.2.2 Similes used to portray emotions "laugh like I've got gold mines...", "dance like I've got diamonds..." Confidence
3.2.3 Symbols
3.2.4 Literary Devices Changes mood in each stanza Questions to engage reader Rhyme- every other sentence Repetition of phrases
3.2.5 comparisons
3.3 Word Choice
3.3.1 harsh words to show severity cut kill bitter twisted shoot
3.3.2 sorrowful words to show the disparity soulful gloom broken shame
3.3.3 racial/geographical pronunciations diggin' 'cause
3.4 Character Development
3.4.1 hopeful for change
3.4.2 Perseverence
3.4.3 Shows clear anger and defiance
3.4.4 Weak at first, by the end the character is strong
3.4.5 Struggle, but then confidence shown through words "I rise"
4 Characters
4.1 African American
4.1.1 slave background
4.2 angry
4.3 Strong character
4.3.1 bold
4.3.2 confident
4.3.3 determined
4.4 sasssy
4.5 haughty
4.6 personality valued above money
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