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Biology Mind Map on Cells, created by Bethan Clark on 04/20/2013.

Bethan Clark
Created by Bethan Clark over 6 years ago
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1 Specialised Cells
1.1 Sperm
1.1.1 Whip like tail to propel, Streamlined body, release dissolving enzymes to break egg, contain many mitochondria so they have energy to swim.
1.2 Red Blood Cell
1.2.1 Large surface area so it can carry more oxygen, thin membrane allows oxygen to pass in + out easily
1.3 Leaf cell
1.3.1 Packed with chloroplasts. Regular shaped, closely packed cells form a continuous layer for efficient absorption of sunlight
2 Animal Cell
2.1 Nucleus
2.1.1 It contains the DNA of the cell, and controls it's growth and reproduction.
2.2 Cytoplasm
2.2.1 Maintains shape and consistency of the cell. All the chemical reactions take place in this area.
2.3 Cell membrane
2.3.1 Encloses the cytoplasm of the cell, regulates the passage of substances in/out of the cell. This process happens using diffusion. It's semi-permeable.
3 Plant cells
3.1 Nucleus
3.2 Vacuole
3.2.1 Removes unwanted substances from the cell. Keeps in turgid.
3.3 Cytoplasm
3.4 Chloroplasts
3.4.1 Food making structure (green colour because they contain chlorophyll) which absorb the sun's energy and convert it to chemical energy (photosynthesis)
3.5 Cell wall
3.5.1 Protection, and shapes the cell. Made up of cellulose.
3.6 Cell membrane
3.7 Mitochondria
3.7.1 Known as 'the power house' of the cell. It acts like a digestive system, breaking down food for energy etc

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