Social Networks

Michael McGirr
Mind Map by , created over 5 years ago

A mind map on social networks (Advantages and disadvantages).

Michael McGirr
Created by Michael McGirr over 5 years ago
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Social Networks
1 Advantages
1.1 Easy for everyone to create a personal page
1.2 Easy way to keep in contact with people
1.3 Easy way to make new friends with similar interests
1.4 You can post interesting things about yourself
1.5 Often free to join and use
1.6 Easy way to share different types of information, for example video, and to organise pictures.
1.7 Efficient way to communicate with a lot of people
1.8 Moderators help to prevent inappropriate posting
2 Disadvantages
2.1 People can waste a lot of time
2.2 Some people create fake profiles
2.3 Loss of privacy
2.4 Online bullying
2.5 Posting content such as compromising photos may prove embarrassing
2.6 GPS Tagging may be a risk to users' safety if their location is given away
2.7 Inexperienced users may give away personal details that risk their personal safety or security (for example identity theft)

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