problems with the Weirmar government

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Mind Map on problems with the Weirmar government, created by katie.h on 01/29/2014.

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Created by katie.h over 5 years ago
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problems with the Weirmar government
1 armed revolts
1.1 kapp putch
1.1.1 opposition- communists
1.1.2 leader- DR wolfgang kapp
1.1.3 march 1920
1.1.4 set up new gov but general strike stopped them from taking over army refused to attack
1.1.5 right-wing
1.2 the spartacist
1.2.1 leader- Rosa Luxemburg was a communist
1.2.2 january 1919
1.2.3 50000 rebelled in berlin
1.2.4 they siezed headquators of gov newspaper and telegraph bureau
2 treaty of versailles
2.1 german people heated it
3 economic problems
3.1 hyperinflation
4 political problems
4.1 stab in the back myth
4.1.1 could of won war but told they were losing

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