I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings final Analysis Amy, Natalie, Sanjana, Emily

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings final Analysis Amy, Natalie, Sanjana, Emily
1.1 Narrator
1.1.1 1st person
1.1.2 Maya Angelou
1.1.3 Writes from her point of view as a child and as an adult
1.1.4 past and present tense
1.2 Figurative Language
1.2.1 Oxymoron/ Paradox "I hadn't so much forgot as I couldn't bring myself to remember" (Angelou 1)
1.2.2 Similes shows emotions "...roared out of the yard with a sound like a giant's fart" (Angelou 120)
1.2.3 Metaphors
1.2.4 Symbolism Bailey running carelessly across the train tracks and leaving Maya on the other side symbolizes the developing rift between him and Maya
1.2.5 Foreshadowing "Almost fifteen years passed before I saw my brother cry again"(83).
1.2.6 personification "The light would come in softly, easing itself over the shelves..."
1.2.7 5 senses to enrich writing (sensory details)
1.3 Character Development
1.3.1 Maya wants to be different than who she is (beginning/ YOUNG age) wishes she was a boy because all of the heroes she reads in her books are male feels immediate guilt for lying in court assigned blame to herself for Mr. Freeman's abusive actions also blames herself for his death becomes proud of her race After Joe Louis wins the fight, she believes that blacks are the most powerful people in the world Listens to the words of "Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” also known as the black community's national anthem has been hurt by others so much she does not want to love anyone When Louise explains that Tommy Valdon's valentine meant love, she said, "not ever again" life quickly rushes into adulthood curious and perceptive
1.4 Word Choice
1.4.1 Use words for emotions and to set mood
1.4.2 Shows character development and personality of characters "Momma" shows innocence
2.1.1 Personality as a child Protective of Maya, stood up for her Kind Thoughtful
2.1.2 Maya's older brother Most important person in Maya's life, she looks up to him, and he understands her
2.1.3 loves Maya unconditionally
2.1.4 Falls in love with Joyce, who eventually runs away with another man she meets at the Store. Bailey is heartbroken
2.1.5 wants his mothers approval
2.2 "MOMMA" (Grandmother)
2.2.1 kind
2.2.2 religious
2.2.3 strict/firm
2.2.4 frugal due to absence of money
2.2.5 never tells her grandkids she loves them but they know she does
2.3 MAYA
2.3.1 Personality as a child Mischievous (stole things from store with Bailey) and Playful Upset with racism Innocent Warm-hearted Bold struggles with her identity as an African American not always proud of who she is not extremely aware of her heritage (when she is young) has some negative influences at a very young age values intelligence over appearance idealistic wants to look nice wants to please people and be like the "sweet little white girls" low self-steem anxious
2.3.2 wants to please others
2.3.3 strong morals
2.3.4 parents divorced father sent children to their grandmother
2.3.5 caring
2.3.6 pays attention to what happens in the world
2.3.7 believes people can be kind no matter what other people think of them
2.3.8 curious "ran to find out who had come rinding on a Thursday evening"
2.4.1 Maya does not find true happiness in her initial relationship with her mother
2.4.2 Maya admires her strength and honesty despite Vivian's many mistakes as a parent At the end of the memoir we have a positive image of her mother
2.4.3 supportive of Maya in later years
2.4.4 little early involvement
2.5.1 allowed Maya to speak freely without fear Maya discovers poetry and the impact it has on her
2.5.2 Maya views her as a hero, which caused her to believe that not all superheroes are male leads Maya to try to become heroic in her own ways ex: consoles Dolores, drives her father's car home, etc.
2.5.3 introduces Maya to literature
2.6.1 white woman who Maya works for
2.6.2 racist and unfair
2.6.3 does not treat Maya with respect does not bother to learn Maya's real name
2.7.1 first real father figure in Maya's life
2.7.2 positive influence
2.8 BIG BAILEY (Her Father)
2.8.1 vain, selfish, and shallow
2.8.2 doesn't show interest in his kids
2.8.3 con man
2.8.4 handsome
2.8.5 uses proper english "errer"
3.1 Overcoming difficult struggles in life
3.2 Learning to love and have respect for yourself
3.3 Feeling empowered by your actions
3.4 Appreciate tolerance and diversity
3.5 Resistance to violence and racism
4.1 tells her stories and struggles
4.1.1 Maya Angelou faced many problems in her life, not only with her race, but with her family
4.2 autobiography about her life
4.2.1 memoir
4.3 mentions important people and events in her life
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