11.1: Immune System Concept Map

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A concept map of chapter 11.1 notes taken on 4-14-16 displaying the relationships between and in the specific and nonspecific immune systems.

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11.1: Immune System Concept Map
1 Specific Immune System (Acquired/Adaptive)
1.1 Interleukin Message
1.1.1 Captures a Bacteria
1.1.2 Alerts. . .
1.2 Lymphocytes!
1.2.1 B-Lymphocytes (Made in Bone Marrow) Memory B-Cells Watch everything that goes down and remembers. Exists for a long time so that they can be cloned in case the foreign invader returns. Plasma Cells Army of Clones equipped with antibody machine guns that zap everything (eventually die and break down after victory)
1.2.2 T-Lymphocytes (Made in Thymus Gland) Natural Killers Also called Cytotoxic T-Cells By injecting poison, kills cells that have changed their MHC Marker due to changes in DNA (like cancerous cells) and cells that have become ill and dropped their MHC Markers. Helper T-Cells Communicators Help identify the captured invaders and also send Interleukin Messages Also alerts Memory T-Cells Hang around for future reference after the battle, just like helper B-Cells
2 Nonspecific Immune System (Innate)
2.1 Phagocytes
2.1.1 Neutrophils Small, dies quickly (white pus in a wound = corpses)
2.1.2 Macrophage Large, takes longer to die (can be linked to a general area or a specific tissue) Sends a...
2.2 Skin (Epidermis) Blocks Stuff
2.3 MHC Marker (Cell's ID Card)
2.3.1 If foreign, a Macrophage will eat the bacteria/cell it's connected to and display it for a Lymphocyte to ID and kill.
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