5.3 Covalent Bonding

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AS - Level Chemistry (5 - Electrons and Bonding) Mind Map on 5.3 Covalent Bonding, created by Bee Brittain on 15/04/2016.

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5.3 Covalent Bonding
  1. Covalent compounds and molecules
    1. A Covalent Bond is a shared pair of electrons
      1. Covalent bonding is the strong electrostatic attraction between a shared pair of electrons and the nuclei of the bonded atoms
        1. Covalent bonding occurs between a non-metal and a non-metal
          1. E.g/ H2 and O2
          2. Covalent bonding occurs between compounds of non-metallic elements such as H2O and CO2
            1. Covalent bonding occurs in polyatomic ions such as NH4 +
            2. Single Covalent Bonding
              1. Dative Covalent Bonding
                1. E.g NH4
                2. Number of covalent bonds
                  1. Carbon forms 4 bonds
                    1. Nitrogen forms 3 bonds
                      1. Oxygen forms 2 bonds
                        1. Hydrogen forms 1 bond
                  2. Multiple Covalent bonds
                    1. Double Bond e.g in O2
                      1. Triple Bond e.g in N2
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