Mindmap 2- Civil Liberties

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Note: Due to the sheer volume of civil liberties cases, this mind map will only include the specific facts of a case as they apply to the significance of the case.

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Mindmap 2- Civil Liberties
1 Gitlow v. New York
1.1 Decided: 1925
1.2 Significance: The Court, for the first time, nationalizes the Bill of Rights after socialist propaganda was distributed throughout New York.
2 Weeks v. United States
2.1 Decided: 1914
2.2 Significance: Establishment of the exclusionary rule.
3 Wolf v. Colorado
3.1 Decided: 1946
3.2 Significance: Continued development of the exclusionary rule.
4 Mapp v. Ohio
4.1 Decided: 1961
4.2 Significance: Made the exclusionary rule applicable to states.
5 Gideon v. Wainwright
5.1 Decided: 1963
5.2 Significance: Established statewide Sixth Amendment right to counsel.
6 Malloy v. Hogan
6.1 Decided: 1964
6.2 Significance: Further established rights of the accused pre-Miranda.
7 Miranda v. Arizona
7.1 Decided: 1966
7.2 Significance: Established that law enforcement officials advise suspects of their right to remain silent and to obtain an attorney during interrogations while in police custody.
8 Engel v. Vitale
8.1 Decided: 1962
8.2 Significance: Struck down New York nondenominational prayers in schools as "establishment of religion".
9 Everson v. Bd. of Ed.
9.1 Decided: 1947
9.2 Significance: First in a series of cases furthering establishment clause in schools, etc.
10 Lemon v. Kurtzman
10.1 Decided: 1971
10.2 Significance: Established Lemon test for external expression of religion, furthered establishment clause.
11 City of Boerne v. Flores
11.1 Decided: 1997
11.2 Significance: Struck down RFRA of 1993- reestablished separation of powers
12 Cantwell v. Connecticut
12.1 Decided: 1940
12.2 Significance: Furthered use of the Free Exercise Clause
13 Schenck v. United States
13.1 Decided: 1919
13.2 Significance: Free speech- "clear and present danger" doctrine established.
14 Miller v. California
14.1 Decided: 1973
14.2 Significance: Established the three-part "Miller test", or the standard used to judge the obscene.
15 Reno v. ACLU
15.1 Decided: 1997
15.2 Significance: Struck down a broad law pertaining to minors' accessing obscene internet content.
16 Tinker v. Des Moines
16.1 Decided: 1964
16.2 Significance: Landmark symbolic speech case. Expression is protected as long it does not cause a "material disruption or substantial inference".
17 Texas v. Johnson
17.1 Decided: 1989
17.2 Significance: Landmark symbolic speech case. The burning of the American flag is protected by the First Amendment.
18 Furman v. Georgia
18.1 Decided: 1972
18.2 Significance: The Court ruled that the death penalty violated the 8th amendment because of the manner of which it was imposed.
19 Gregg v. Georgia
19.1 Decided: 1976
19.2 Significance: The Court held up a state law that eliminated excessive jury discretion in imposing the death penalty.
20 New York Times Co. v. Sullivan
20.1 Decided: 1964
20.2 Significance: The Court defined both "libel" and "slander" as they pertained to public figures and officials.
21 Cruzan v. Director Missouri Dept. of Health
21.1 Decided: 1990
21.2 Significance: Right to privacy and right to die- lead to passages of "living will" statutes in many states.
22 Planned Parenthood v. Casey
22.1 Decided: 1992
22.2 Significance: Stated that states may restrict abortions, as long as they do not impose an "undue hardship or burden on the mother".
23 Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
23.1 Decided: 1989
23.2 Significance: Another in the string of abortion issues regarding the equal protection clause.
24 Griswold v. Connecticut
24.1 Decided: 1965
24.2 Significance: Court established a "penumbra" of rights- most remarkably, birth control under the 4th, 9th and 14th amendments.
25 Roe v. Wade
25.1 Decided: 1973
25.2 Significance: Court establishes an absolute right to choice with abortions.
26 Lawrence v. Texas
26.1 Decided: 2003
26.2 Significance: Court strikes down Texas law criminalizing certain gay rights.
27 New York Times Co. v. United States
27.1 Decided: 1971
27.2 Significance: Established "prior restraint" in regards to government censorship.
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