External Factors, Ethnic Differences in Achievement

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External Factors, Ethnic Differences in Achievement
1 Ethnic group
1.1 People who share the same heritage, culture, identity, often including the same language and religion. Who see themselves as a distinct group
2 Cultural Deprivation
2.1 Intellectual and linguistic Skills
2.1.1 Bereiter and Englemann Language spoken by low-income Black families is inadequate for educational success, it is ungrammatical, disjointed and incapable of abstract ideas
2.1.2 The Swann Report Found language was not a major factor in underachivement
2.1.3 Bowker lack of standard English is a major barrier to progress in education and intergration into wider society
2.2 Attitudes and Values
2.2.1 Lack of motivation is a major cause of failure of many black students
2.2.2 They are not socialised into into the mainstream culture that instils ambition, competition and sacrifices
2.2.3 Many black students are socialised into fatalism and immediate gratifacation
2.3 Family Structure and Parental Support
2.3.1 Theorists argue that failure to socialise children adequately is a result of dysfunctional family structures
2.3.2 How does family structure explain differences in EM achievement? Pryce Asians are higher achievers because they are more resistant to racism and it gives them a greater sense of self worth Black Caribbean pupils have a less cohesive culture than Asian pupils and are less resistant to racism, As a result they have low sef esteem and under
2.4 Female Headed Single Parent Families
2.4.1 Murray High rate of lone parenthood and lack of positive male role models lead to under achievement of some minorities
2.4.2 Flew Ethnic differences in achievement stem from cultural differences outside of the education system, not discrimination within it
2.5 Asian Families
2.5.1 Khan Asian families are stress ridden, bound by tradition and with a controlling attitude towards children, especially girls
2.5.2 Driver and Bollard Asian family structures bring educational benefits, Asian parents have more positive attitudes toward education, have higher asperations for children.
2.6 Criticisms
2.6.1 Keddie CD theory is a victim blaming theory. EM students are culturally different, not deprived, they underachieve as schools are ethnocenntric
2.6.2 Compensatory Education Tries to impose the dominant white culture on students who already have their own coherent culture
3 Material Deprivation
3.1 Flaherty
3.1.1 Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are 3x more likely than whites to be in the poorest 1/5 of the population
3.1.2 Unemployment is 3x higher in Africans, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis than for whites
3.1.3 Bangladeshi and Pakistani women are more likely to be home workers sometimes for as little as £1.50 per hour
3.2 Swann Report
3.2.1 Social class accounted for 50% of the difference in educational achievement between ethnic groups
3.2.2 We must take class differences into account when comparing EM educational achievement or we may over estimate the impact of cultural factors
4 Racism in Wider Society
4.1 Rex
4.1.1 shows how racial discrimination leads to social exclusion
4.1.2 In housing for instance the minorities are more likely to be forced into substandard accomodation than white people of the same class

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