Threats when on the Internet

Rachel Haskell
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A mindmap, ideal for revision, stating how to keep safe when online.

Rachel Haskell
Created by Rachel Haskell over 5 years ago
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Threats when on the Internet
1 Computer Crimes
1.1 Steal money
1.2 Steal data/personal information
1.3 Cause havoc for fun
1.4 Illegally copying music and other paid files for free
2 Viruses
2.1 Software programme designed to copy itself over and over
2.2 The first one was made in the 1980's
2.3 Ways of spreading
2.3.1 Email attachments
2.3.2 downloading files from a webpage
2.4 Ways of getting rid of them
2.4.1 Installing anti-virus software McAfee Norton Sophos
2.5 Coding
2.6 Attacks files on computer
3 Cookies
3.1 Text file
3.2 Conatins two pieces of information - a unique ID and a site name
3.3 Not often a threat
3.4 Only a threat when using a shared computer
4 How to protect from threats
4.1 Purchase anti-vitus and firewall protection
4.2 Don't give out any personal details
4.3 Don't use the same password for all websites
4.4 Change your password every couple of months
4.5 Use a strong password consisting of 7 or more characters, which includes numbers, UPPER and lower case letters and symbols
4.6 If on a shared computer, log out of all accounts after use.

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