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GCSE Psychology (Unit 2 - Learning) Mind Map on Learning, created by Aashia Bose on 04/18/2016.

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  1. Operant Conditioning
    1. Classical Conditioning
      1. Pavlov (1927)
        1. A - To investigate whether behaviour is due to learning by association.
          1. M - Pavlov implanted test tubes near the salivation glands of his dogs. He showed them a piece of food (UCS) and observed that they would salivate (UCR). Pavlov then paired the showing of food with the ring of a bell (NS).
            1. R - The dogs, after Pavlov repeatedly paired the meat (UCS) with the bell (NS), the bell on its own (CS) would cause the dogs to salivate (CR).
              1. C - Classical conditioning caused the dogs to associate the bell with salivation.
                1. + This study is reliable because it was conducted in a laboratory environment.
                  1. + This study has concurrent validity as it is supported by the Little Albert study by Watson & Rayner.
                  2. - This study uses dogs to investigate behaviour and therefore cannot be extrapolated to humans.
                    1. This study has low ecological validity as it was conducted in a laboratory environment.
                  3. Stimuli & Responses
                    1. Unconditioned Stimulus
                      1. Unconditioned Response
                        1. Conditioned Stimulus
                          1. Conditioned Response
                            1. Neutral Stimulus
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