Module 5

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The Muscular System Histology and Physiology

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Module 5
  1. muscular system performs three tasks
    1. movement
      1. posture
        1. heat production
        2. three kinds of muscle tissue
          1. skeletal
            1. striated (distinct, orderly, striped pattern)
              1. voluntary muscles (muscles you can control)
                1. includes all the muscles that move the bone, the tongue, and the diaphragm
                2. long thin cells that are multinucleated
                  1. skeletal muscle structure
                    1. attached to bone with a tendon
                      1. tendon = dense regular connective tissue
                  2. cardiac
                    1. only found in the heart
                      1. striated
                        1. each cell only has one nucleus
                          1. involuntary (you cannot control it)
                          2. smooth
                            1. involuntary
                              1. called smooth because the cells are nonstriated (not striped)
                                1. cells are small & have one nucleus
                              2. muscle tissue has four major functional characteristics
                                1. contractility (can contract forcefully)
                                  1. excitability (can produce action potential signals)
                                    1. extensibility (can passively stretch out / relaxing to normal length after being pulled on)
                                      1. elasticity (when a muscle is extended, it tends to recoil back to a shorter length)
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