IKEA Group

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Ikea's sustainable operations

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IKEA Group
1 Sustainability strategy
1.1 People and Planet Positive
1.1.1 Resource Plans Consumption of resources reduction
1.1.2 Energy independence plans Waste reduction Recycle and renewable materials implementation Resource plans
1.1.3 Sustainability driven design Design strategy Democratic design Product Consumer expectations of quality Consumer expectations of low price Pricing Consumer expectations of funcionality Function Form Practice on product design Form Function Quality Pricing
1.1.4 Innovative processes Lower prices Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly stores
1.2 Sustainability and supply chain processes
1.2.1 Initiative to reduce 90% store waste Environmentally friendly stores
1.2.2 Building stores in close proximity to stations Strategy-eliminating the middleman Factory to stores transportation cost reduction Middleman strategy meets IKEA's sustainability practices Responsible Focus on basic needs Focus on social equity Focus on environmental justice Redefine protocols Synergistic Generates positive feedbacks Contextual Evolves design to social trends Restorative Improving peoples well-being Improving nature's health and well-being Eco-efficient Input material reduction Energy input reduction Pollution output reduction Waste output reduction Creative New paradigm created Visionary Centered on future outcomes and methodologies
2 IWAY code of conduct
2.1 Requirements for suppliers regarding products and services
2.1.1 Environment: Air, noise, water and ground
2.1.2 Wages, benefits and working hours
2.1.3 Child labor
2.1.4 Hazardous and non-hazardous
3 Raw materials
3.1 Wood sourced by IKEA managed forest
3.2 Linen extracted from naturally grow flax plants
3.3 Cotton produced with fewer chemicals and less water
3.4 Recycled PET plastic
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