Consumer Protection Act 2007

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Consumer Protection Act 2007
1 National Consumer Agency (NCA)
1.1 The NCA enforces consumer law by investigating suspected breaches of consumer law. It can issue on-the-spot fines for some breaches of consumer law. It can also bring repeat offenders to court.
1.2 The NCA provide necessary information and advice to the public on their rights as consumers. They do this via theyir website and telephone helplines. They also provide information to businesses on their legal responsibilities to consumers.
1.3 The NCA advise the Government on how best to ensure that the welfare of consumers is protected
1.4 The NCA publish a Consumer Protection List of businesses found breaching consumer law.
2 Functions of the Act
2.1 Prohibits false product descriptions - Goods must not be sold with a false trade description.
2.2 Prohibits False Prices - It is illegal to give false or misleading information regarding the past, present or future price of products. Goods marked as being reduced must have been on sale at the origianl price for atleast 28 consecutive days before sale
2.3 Prohibits false and misleading advertising - For example, being advertised as 100% wool when it is acyrlic
2.4 Aggressive Practices - The Act prohibits businesses from engaging in aggressive practices such as harassing, coercing or putting unfair pressure on the consumer

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