Unfair Dismissals Act 1977-2007

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Created by 08aliso.burge over 5 years ago
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Unfair Dismissals Act 1977-2007
1 Fair Dismissal
1.1 Incompetent
1.2 Incapable
1.3 Redundancy
1.4 Proper procedures were followed, with adequate warnings.
2 Unfair Dismissal
2.1 Employer did not follow proper procedures
2.2 No Proof
2.3 Constructive Dismissal
2.4 Trade Union Membership
2.5 Requirement of maternal, parental, carers or adoptive leave
2.6 Race
2.7 Age
2.8 Political Opinions
3 Employee's Rights before Dismissal
3.1 Know the reason for dismissal
3.1.1 Right to reply to those reasons
3.2 Fair hearing and to be accompanied by a representative.
4 Penalties for companies guilty of unfair dismissal
4.1 Financial Compensation
4.2 Reinstatement of the employee
4.3 Re-engagement of the employee
5 Employment Appeals Tribunal
5.1 The EAT is a State body responsible for ensuring that firms obey the Act. The EAT investigates and resolves disputes between workers and employers concerning sackings or redundancies. Its decision are legally binding

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