Women's Rights Movement

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Women's Rights Movement
  1. Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Stanton
    1. Wrote the Declaration of Sentiments
      1. outlined the rights women should have as citizens
        1. based off the Declaration of Independence
        2. created the National Woman Suffrage Association in 1869.
          1. the two women met each other through their mutual friend Amelia Bloomer on November 27, 1851
            1. attended the first WOman's Rights convention on March 17, 1866
              1. From 1868 to 1870 they edited and published "The Revolution" which was a women's newspaper
              2. Cult of Domesticity
                1. Four essential parts: piety, purity, domesticity, and submissiveness
                  1. piety was the idea that women needed to have a religion and it was their responsibility to bring the world out of sin
                    1. purity was the idea that women to were to abstain from any sexual activity until marriage
                      1. a woman was not considered a woman if she wasn't pure
                        1. purity was a weapon to keep men in control of their sexual needs and desires
                        2. submissiveness was the idea that women had to submit to fate, duty, God, and men
                          1. women are expected to have a spirit of obedience
                            1. a woman's clothing assured her submissivness
                            2. domesticity was the idea that a woman's place was in her home
                              1. her duties included household chores and taking care of the children
                                1. she was expected to keep the home a cheerful, peaceful pace that would attract men away from the temptations of the outside world
                                  1. expected to uphold values of stability, morality, and democracy
                                2. popular idea between 1820 and the Civil War
                                3. Alice Paul
                                  1. Formed the National Woman's Party in 1913
                                    1. created the Silent Sentinels and stood outside the White HOuse with signs directed toward the president
                                      1. Was arrested and went on a hunger strike due to not being treated how she asked
                                        1. removed from prison and sent to a sanitarium
                                        2. toasted to the pass of the 19th amendment, August 26, 1920.
                                          1. Introduced the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923.
                                            1. arrested 7 times in England and once in America for her suffragist activities
                                              1. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology in 1905
                                                1. earns master degree in Sociology in 1907
                                                  1. earns bachelor's degree in Law in 1922
                                                  2. On March 2, 1913 she organized a suffragist parade on Pennsylvania Avenue
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