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Australian Building Codes Set of codes (standards) established and enforced by local government for the structural safety of buildings in Australia Architectural Design Designing buildings and environments with consideration for their aesthetic and functional effect Built Environment Human-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity ranging in scale from personal shelter to neighborhoods to the large-scale civic surroundings Colour rendering Creating two and three dimensional in colour images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural or engineered design Concept sketches Simple sketch of a proposed product consisting of shape, size, attributes and benefits Drawing Standards Rules associated with architectural and engineering drawings Environmental Design The design of products and systems that promotes pollution prevention and resource conservation Fittings & Fixtures Items that are added to or are inbuilt into an environmental space Floor plan A 2 D representation of a the floor layout of a room or space that is drawn to a fixed scale Furnishings Furniture and its associated accessories Interior Design The design of interior spaces Landscape Design The design out spaces outside Scale Drawing A method used to enlarge or reduce a drawing while keeping the proportions the same. Generally expressed as ratios eg 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, and 1:10 for reducing and possibly 2:1 for enlarging Site Plan The plan showing property boundaries & dimensions, major buildings and features such as drive ways, name(s) of street frontage(s), the direction of North Space Planning The process of considering a range of concepts with room items in different positions Structural Design The design of structures that are engineered Three Dimensional Drawing – isometric Drawings that show length, width & height. Can be color rendered. Usually drawn to scale. Two Dimension Drawing – plans and elevations  axonometric   Drawings that show only 2 dimensions

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