Women's Movement

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Women's Movement
1 Cult of Domesticity
1.1 Purity
1.1.1 Unmarried women had to keep their virginity until they were married Married women must have stayed loyal to only their husbands
1.2 Domesticity
1.2.1 Men believed that women should stay home, take care of the children and have their meal ready by the time they came home from work
1.3 This was a big thing in the 19th century
2 Susan B. Anthony
2.1 Worked with Elizabeth Stanton on a weekly paper named "the Revolution"
2.1.1 The two then formed the NWSA in 1869 She was the honorary president of the International Women Suffrage Alliance
3 Alice Paul
3.1 Helped get the 19th amendment passed
3.1.1 She went to jail because she was fighting to get this amendment passed In jail she went on a hunger strike because she was fighting for equality. She was held down and force fed food through her nostrils because of this The 19th amendment was passed on August 18th, 1920 and women received the right to vote.
3.1.2 She had a group of women who helped her and they conducted mass rallies. Many women were arrested because of this.
4 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
4.1 She knew from an early age that she wanted to have the same rights as men
4.1.1 During the Civil War, she wasn't really able to act on the whole womens rights movement so she waited until after the war was over to do so..
4.2 She was the NWSA's fiirst president but she was only president until 1890
5 Seneca Falls , New York
5.1 The first gathering was held July 19-20, 1848
5.1.1 Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony met in 1850 The Declaration of Sentiments was made by a group of women to mock The Declaration of Independence. Which was made a group of men.
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