Approaches to performance management

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Approaches to performance management
1 Performance management should allow for the development of a shared understanding about goals and targets
1.1 Feedback helps us to understand what we should bring forward within the organisation
1.2 We can't quantify all forms of performance
1.2.1 Creative leadership
1.2.2 Value of ideas
1.3 Managers want to unlock discretionary effort
1.4 Can put a lot of pressure on employees and managers
1.4.1 Form-filling exercise?
2 4 stages to a performance management approach
2.1 Definition of business role
2.2 Planning performance
2.3 Delivering and monitoring
2.4 Formal assessment/reward
3 Hotel Chocolat
3.1 Happiness alerts
3.1.1 Don't always praise the right person
3.1.2 Gives recognition and rewards
4 Appraisals
4.1 Monitoring performance and motivating improvement
4.2 360 degree appraisal
4.2.1 Considers the views of the line manager, peers and subordinate employees Provides a fuller picture of performance Gives deeper feedback Highlights potential learning/development needs Bias from peers
4.3 Gives employees a chance to air their views
4.3.1 Still formal enough that they may feel they can't be entirely honest
5 Goals setting
5.1 When we set goals for ourselves, this motivates superior performance
5.1.1 All goals need to be personalised and this might be hard when we also want to achieve organisational goals
5.2 Are SMART targets too restrictive?
5.2.1 DREAM targets
5.3 Too difficult to achieve with a big workforce?
5.3.1 Communication can get lost if an organisation is too bureaucratic
6 Underperformance
6.1 Reasons for underperformance includes lack of skills/knowledge, personal problems or poor engagement, commitment or motivation
6.2 Corrective action
6.2.1 Retribution, rehabilitation, deterrence
6.3 Informal warning, formal written, final written, dismissal
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