4b Challenges of Collaboration

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HCP 0-19 Group 4 section b, Challenges of Collaboration Engagement notes from Flipchart 20.4.16

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4b Challenges of Collaboration
1 Large & small organisations
2 Organisations with specific aims/role & those with wide range
3 Time to build Trust/Relationshoips/consortia
3.1 Are they as good as they say??
3.2 Could we have a process which allows develop ment of real partnerships?
3.3 If we have have quick process - hedging bets/in multiple partnerships not reaching key organisations.
3.3.1 Is it the best solution?
3.3.2 Can lose people?
3.4 Limits to rules/tendering
3.4.1 What can commissioners do?
4 Delivery
4.1 Organisations can deliver
4.1.1 People can respond, know when to join up and escalate cases to meet childresn needs
4.2 Not just about money/contracts
4.2.1 About Learning and using knowledge and wisdom/experience - not necessary deliverying
4.3 Pathways
4.3.1 joining UP up to date informaiton relationships Brokers Navigate
4.4 Need Stability in system/services
4.4.1 Change
5 Models
5.1 Voice
5.1.1 Influence of families and Young people
5.2 Links/Resources/Voice of schools - commissioners
5.3 Need a model which protects the diversity of providers/contributers in the HCP - not just one large organisation
5.4 Flexible Model - allowing change
5.4.1 Can TSL help role??
5.5 Information Sharing/levels of monitoring/recording,Standards, Sharing Gvoernance, Quality, Information flow - NOT MANAGMENT
5.6 Framework 10 yrs contract? time to be responsive/team. Innovation pot for Lead Organisation
5.7 Partnerships take up a lot of management time!!
6 Feedback Model
6.1 Not one Organisation
6.2 Value diversity of providersf/provision
6.3 Holding the right co-operation links - time for partnerships
6.4 Transparency - performance and costs/Profit/surplus
6.5 Collaboration
6.5.1 Competition What you say and what you do! Genuine Conflict of interest Sharing infor/ideas with potential competitors in multiple model?
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