Identity Theft

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identity theft

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Identity Theft
1 Immediaetly close out your browser after making a web transaction
2 Install a firewall and virus protection on your computer
3 Shred important documents before throwing them away.
4 At the ATM
4.1 When you’re by yourself, avoid using an ATM in out-of-the-way or deserted areas.
4.2 Put your money and ATM card away before you leave the ATM. Always avoid showing your cash.
5 Report loss or theft
5.1 Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately to the company that issued you the card.
5.2 If your ATM card or debit card is lost or stolen, contact your bank immediately.
6 Treat cards like cash
6.1 Protect your cards as if they were cash – never let them out of your possession or control.
6.2 Don’t let your credit cards be used by others, even family and friends.
7 PIN safety
7.1 Never write down your personal identification number (PIN), especially on the back of your card. Memorize it.
7.2 No one from a financial institution, the police, or a merchant should ask for your PIN. You are the only person who needs to know it.
8 When shopping
8.1 Be sure that you get your card back after every purchase.
8.2 Keep copies of your sales vouchers and ATM, debit or credit card receipts in a secure place.
9 Fraud payments
9.1 Someone gives you money (via an electronic payment, check or money order) and then asks you to send cash in return.
9.2 Work-at-home: A company promises you easy money working at home.
9.3 Overpayments: You advertised an item for sale and the buyer “accidentally” sends you more than the price.
9.4 Sweethearts: A special someone you’ve met online promises to come to the U.S. to be with you.
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