Student-centered learning

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A few thoughts about promoting engagement through authentic learning in online environments-

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Student-centered learning
  1. Learner
    1. Can I relate this to my background and experience?
      1. Matches with my needs (learner)
        1. Beliefs and values
          1. Why does this matter to me? Does this align with my beliefs and values?
            1. Motivation and engagement
              1. Outcomes: Creating meaning, local impact or change
                1. Forms leaders
      2. Decision-making
        1. Autonomy and self-regulation
          1. Creativity
            1. Engagement
            2. Self-directed learning
              1. Empowerment
              2. Complex thinking
                1. Active learning
                  1. Informal learning
                  2. Mediate cognitive demands
                  3. goal-setting
                  4. Time
                    1. Test hypotheses
                      1. Make mistakes
                  5. Planning authentic learning and activities
                    1. SCOLE (Student-Centered, Online Learning Environment)
                      1. Scaffolding
                        1. learning transfer
                          1. Metacognition
                            1. Trust-building
                          2. Multiple perspectives
                            1. ill-structured, wicked problems
                              1. Everyday contexts
                              2. Diverse outcomes
                                1. Collaboration
                                  1. Community
                                    1. Negotiated learning
                                2. Real-life problems with real-world relevance
                                  1. Problem-solving
                                    1. Interdisciplinary
                                  2. Inquiry-based learning
                                  3. Direct instruction
                                    1. Semi-authentic
                                      1. More structure
                                        1. Guidance and support to save time and avoid misconcpetions
                                      2. Limited specific resources
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