LBIA J&A's relationship

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Look Back in Anger: Jimmy and Alison's relationship.

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LBIA J&A's relationship
1 Jimmy resents Alison's upbringing, marriage is an institution of the establishmen, imagery such as "slaughter" and "execution" conveys Jimmy's derision for such traps.
2 The role play between the couple using animal imagery of the bear and squirrill - "the pain of being human beings any longer" Jimmy's hypersensitivity, when he becomes a bear the appeal of being all love and no brains is that human response is distilled to pure feeling which has less cerebral weight than thinking. Role playing a bear provides a temporary respite for J from his own intellectual hypersensitivity.
3 Sounds as though Alison's relationship with Jimmy was a kidnapping, "savage", "ruthless", "hostile" As though Alison is a trophy of the war between the classes
4 Alison describes a luminescence about Jimmy when she first saw him. Stemming from the need to rebel against her parents. "His armor didn't really shine very much anymore" his allure wore off.
5 Passive aggressive relationship - Jimmy is always trying to "draw blood" from Alison
5.1 See's Alison going to church as betrayal "You Judas!" Teddy bears sound symbolise's his anguish
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