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1 Meritocracy
1.1 In a meritocracy society people are rewarded for their talent and ability, A society where Social positions are achieved by Merit..........
1.1.1 ... Such as Educational Qualifications, Talent or Skill and Social class, Gender, Ethnicity etc are seen as less significant.


  • Evidence that that Society is Meritocratic - People from Lower class achieve higher status through talent E.g. Sir Alan Sugar Evidence society is not meritocratic-  Intelligent and talented people are still being judged due to their Ethnicity, Gender , Social Class etc People born into richer families get more Opportunities 
2 Functionalist see society like a human body so different parts of society are like different organs. Each Part plays an essential role ...
2.1 .. for it to survive as a whole. As long as each parts does their job everything runs smoothly
3 Funtionalism&Inequaliy inGender
3.1 Functionalist say Men&Women naturally have different roles in society. Women play the 'Caring' role where as Men play the 'Practical' role
3.1.1 They say These differences are ascribed at birth and help society run Smoothly, Ann Oakley criticises this view and says Gender roles are .... .... Socially constructed and not biologicaly ascribed
4 Functionalism&Inequality in Age
4.1 Age has become more important in Modern society and Provides the function of Social integration
4.1.1 Old age is seen as a time of isolation and loneliness and receiving pensions means a drop in social status and being cut of from mainstream society.
5 Functionalism&Inequality in Class
5.1 Having a System that ranks people in hierarchy performs a functions in society. Functionalist believe that having a hierarchy of social classes ...
5.1.1 ... (A) helps us identify the most important and highly thought of jobs in society which are at top of the hierarchy. ....(B) Allows society to reward those performing the important roles through pay and prestige .... (C) Helps us strive to achieve our best in order to move up the hierarchy and a social system which is open allows social mobility between .... classes so that the most talented people are given the opportunity to get the most vital roles.

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