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1 Derivatives of ammonia
1.1 NH3
2 Classification
2.1 Primary Amine
2.1.1 1 H atom replaced.. (RNH2)
2.2 Secondary Amine
2.2.1 2 H atoms are replaced.. (R2NH)
2.3 Tertiary amine
2.3.1 3 H atoms are replaced.. (R3N)
3 Unpleasant smell---Fishy
4 Examples of Amine
4.1 Adrenaline is the "fight or flight" amine----deal with stress
4.2 Phenylpherine is an amine commonly used as a decongestant.
5 Weak bases
5.1 Nitrogen has a lone pairs of electrons and can accept a proton, H+
5.1.1 Dative covalent bond forms when it accepts a proton
5.2 Reaction with acid to make salt
5.2.1 Ethylamine reacts with HCl to form ethylammonium chloride No by product Alkylammonium salts
6 Naming
6.1 Alkylamines
6.2 Secondary or Tertiary Amines
6.2.1 CH3—CH2—CH2—NH—CH3 N-Methyl-1-propylamine
7 Preparation
7.1 Primary Aliphatic Amine
7.1.1 Reagents: Halogenalkane with excess ammonia Nucleophilic Substitutions NH3 is the nucleophile
7.1.2 Conditions: Warming the halogenalkane and using ethanol as a solvent.
7.2 Aromatic Amine
7.2.1 Nitrobenzene and other nitroarenes can be reduced to Phenylamine (NH2) and H20 Conditions are (Sn and excess HCl) under reflux [H] reducing mixture Synthesis of dyes from phenylamine Diazotisation Below 10 degrees Nitrous acid HNO2 is generated by reacting NaNO2 and HCl Coupling reaction NaOH(aq)-- alkaline conditions Azo dye functional group -N=N-

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