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1 Marxist say society is divided by class in which the rich and strong ruling class overpowers the weak and vulnerable working class
1.1 The Ruling class has all the wealth and power and exploits the working class and are never paid the full value of their work
1.2 There are agents of social control that Keep the working class in their place like the School and Mass Media.
2 Marxism&Inequality in Gender
2.1 A a Social group women are easy to hire and fire. Could be useful to a Capitalist society. They receive low wages as their income and ..
2.1.1 They are less likely to join Trade Unions
3 Marxism&Inequality in Ethnicity
3.1 Marxist say Ethnic-Minorities are part of the exploited working class and they lack status due to their ethnicity,
3.1.1 They say Racism is deliberately encourages by capitalist class because: (1) Legitimization - Racism helps them pay them low wages and work in poor conditions, Capitalist benefit from the cheap labour of ethnic minorities (2) Divide&Rule - If Black and White workers unite they are in a stronger position to campaign for better wages, also Marxist argue that.. ..the Capitalist prefer the worker divided by racism so they can be played off against each other (3) When there are economic problems and a widespread of frustration instead of directing their anger at Capitalist class vulnerable groups like.... .. Ethnic minorities are picked on
4 Marxism&Inequality in Age
4.1 The Young workers are exploited by Capitalist class and the Old age are ignored because they no longer have disposal income to interest the Capitalist
5 Marxism&Inequality in Class
5.1 In Capitalist society there are 2 social classes, The Bourgeoisie (Ruling class) they are the rich and powerful and the Proletariat are the working...
5.1.1 ... class and they are Weak and vulnerable and exploited and ruled by the Bourgeoisie. They have conflicted interests the B want increasing profits.. .... and P want higher wages. Marx believed that if the P rebel and revolt against the B it would lead into a Revolution and the Social class would .. .. disappear and everyone would live in a more equal Society Marxists ideas about the revolution has not yet occurred in Britain because of better living standards and welfare stops the P from reaching poverty.

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