Inequality in Society (2)


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Inequality in Society (2)
  1. Gender inequality
    1. Women may experience glass ceiling


      • Glass ceiling - an invisible barrier from getting to the top post
      1. Women are more likely to experience discrimination by having low pay and lower position


        • This is sexism. This means they are discriminated because of their gender.
        1. Women are likely to work part-time and work less hours because they are busier with home and childcare
          1. Horizontal segregation are gendered jobs
            1. Women
              1. Nurse
                1. Teacher
                  1. Model
                    1. Nursery Nurse
                    2. Men
                      1. Police officer
                        1. Soldier
                          1. Pilot
                        2. Sex Discrimination Act helps ban discrimination at work, education, accommodation, entertainment and provision of goods & services
                          1. Sue Sharpe find out that girls see themselves having a children and married in the future in the mid 70s
                            1. Effeminate - when a boy/man shows feminine characteristic
                            2. Ethnicity inequality
                              1. Bangladeshi and pakistani do relatively bad
                                1. 1/5 of Pakistanis are self-employed
                                  1. 1/8 are cab drivers
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