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1 1886-1930 (40 Years)
1.1 Miguel Abdía Hernandez
1.1.1 President from August 7th 1926 until August 7th 1930 Established limits with Brasil, Peru and Nicaragua Esguerra-Bárcenas treaty with Nicaragua Faced Global economic crisis (1929) lack of support and benefits given to the working classes which cause violent upheavals. Banana massacre
1.2 Jose Maria Campo Serrano
1.2.1 President from April 1st. 1886 until January 6th 1887 New Constitution Political centralisation and administrative decentralisation. electric lightning and potable water Bogotá only. Helped railroads Magdalena La Sabana
1.3 Eliseo Payán
1.3.1 President from January 6th 1887 until June 4Th of the same year. Decree freedom of press
1.4 Pedro Nel Ospina
1.4.1 President from August 7th 1922 until August 7th 1926 Economy improved during his presidency "Dance of the millions" 25 million dollars for Panama "Bonanza cafetera" created General Comptroller of the Republic Banking superin intendency Bank of the Republic 1932
1.5 Jorge Holguín
1.5.1 President form November 11th 1921 until August 7th 1922 Finished suarez projects Wanted liberals to participate in the government unsuccessful He helped building the railroads of the North and the Pacific.
1.6 Marco Fidel Suarez
1.6.1 President from August 7th 1918 until November 11th 1921 created income tax Polar Star Policy Strengthened relation whit United States Dollar rose to 130 % Commercial aviation system
1.7 Rafael Nuñez
1.7.1 President from June 4Th 1887 until August 7Th 1888 3rd presidential period Re-established relations with the church Wrote the former Anthem
1.8 Jose Manuel Marroquin
1.8.1 President from July 31st 1900 until Augut 7Th. 1904 president after a coup d'etat The thousand days war mostly happened during his presidency Separation of Panama Reform to education systems Economy wasn't good.
1.9 Jose Vicente Concha
1.9.1 President from August 7th 1914 until August 7th 1918 1st world war recession in coffee exportations unemployment rate increased Violence in some departments Relation with Venezuela and Ecuador improved Limits with Ecuador established
1.10 Carlos Eugenio Restrepo
1.10.1 President form August 7th 1910 until August 7th 1914 tried to improve relations between conservatives and liberals Economy improved due to increment in coffee exportations Uruthia-Thopson treaty 3 branches
1.10.2 Republica union
1.11 Jorge Holguín
1.11.1 President from June 9th 1909 until August 4th 1909 President after Rafael resigned. He maintained order and faced public order difficulties
1.12 Carlos Holguín Mallarino
1.12.1 President from August 7th, 1888 until August 7th 1892 improved transportation industrial sector Established limits with Venezuela Spanish queen helped He gave her "El tesoro Quimbaya"
1.13 Rafael Nuñez
1.13.1 President from August 7Th 1892 until September 18Th 1894 4Th presidential period His Vice-president was in charged of the country He was very ill Died in 1894, during his presidential period
1.14 Rafael Reyes
1.14.1 President from August 7th 1904 until June 9th 1909 "Quinquenio de reyes" Mottos "Peace, harmony and work" "less politics and more administration". law to protect rights of social minor groups Built "El Capitolio" Closed congress called for a General Constitutional Assembly, made up of representatives from both parties. Reform to the constitution
1.15 Ramon Gonzales Valencia
1.15.1 President form Augut 4th 1909 until August 7th 1910 modernised economy Did another reform to the constitution Abolished death penalty Presidential period of 4 years no inmediata reelection president elected by the people's vote
1.16 Miguel Antonio Caro
1.16.1 President from August 7Th 1892 until August 7Th 1898 Nuñez Vice-president President when Rafael died Conservatives and liberals rose against him He restored the "Estanco de Tabaco Nationalised liquors
1.17 Miguel Antonio Sanclemente
1.17.1 President from August 7th 1898 until July 31st 1900 Beginning war of the thousand days Economy inflated Conservatives and liberals united to bring him down of power
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